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The 4/4 has been in production since 1936, see wikipedia for some further details.

It has been extensively documented in many books. These notes are intended to hold some of the more detailed information to assist owners in performing maintenance activities.

1930s - 1950s - Series 1 cars


It has become almost an axiom in Morgan circles to regard the pre-war cars as 4-4's and the post-war cars as 4/4's. However, this is incorrect, as the cars have always been 4/4's and never 4-4's.

On their introduction, in publicity and advertising material, they were described as 4-4's and also, before World War 11, as 4/4's, Four Fours, 4.4's and in various other ways. They continued to be referred to as both 4-4's and 4/4's after the War.

However, the Factory build register for these vehicles, essentially the car's pedigree, which lists the model, the body type, the chassis, engine and gearbox numbers, the colour etc, lists every car from the very first as a 4/4. Additionally, apart from the earliest cars, the Coventry Climax-engined models carried a vehicle Identification Plate on the vertical rear right of the engine block which prefixed the chassis number as "4/4". The owner Instruction Books which came with the cars specified 4/4 both before and after the War. And the most commonly used bell housing on these cars carried "4/4" cast into the right hand flange.

So despite what the books, so-called marque experts, myriad magazine articles, including the new Factory-sponsored "Mog" magazine, and latterly a host of websites, may claim, Morgan has never actually produced a 4-4 car. The cars have always been 4/4's. Got it?

Roadster history

The two seater roadster was first announced late in 1935 with customer supplies starting in March 1936. The last car, also a roadster, was despatched from the factory on 13 March 1951. This car survives, in beautifully restored form. The cars became known as Series 1's retrospectively when the Series 11 4/4 was introduced in the mid 1950's. There were numerous detail changes in specification and design over the production life of these cars which are outside the scope of this Manual, although some are covered to some extent under other headings and references.

1970s - Kent-engined Cars

From 1968

1980s - CVH-engined Cars

From 1982, Morgan used the Ford CVH engine, once it had been adapted for longitudinal installation. A cable-operated Ford Pinto clutch was used, mated to a Type 9 five-speed gearbox.

Part numbers for the clutch: Ferodo CTK120 Unipart: GCK873AF LUK: 622_017_506

Cars were originally fitted with Armstrong lever-arm dampers, a later modification was to install a hoop across the rear chassis members which stiffened the chassis and permitted the fitment of conventional telescopic dampers.

1990s - Zetec-engined Cars

From 1993

2000s - Duratec-engined Cars

From 2005

2010s - Sigma-engined Cars

From 2009